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Grand Castle

Grand Castle

Grand Castle

Among the several residences of the nobility in Nógrád County the destiny of the Alsópetény Castle got to be revival instead of decadence. The authentic halls of the renovated Grand Castle serve as event venues.

The halls of the Grand Castle with authentic furniture satisfy perfectly even business events and conferences of the highest standards. Entering from the ornamental courtyard and open to the café terrace, the Prónay Salon, available also for business banquets, awaits its guests.

The Grand Castle provides an ideal space for:

  • standing reception for up to 100 guests;
  • elegant gala dinner for up to 26 guests;
  • executive meeting for up to 20 guests;
  • business events.

Equipment: Wi-Fi, mobile sound and projection system

Floor area: 250 m2

Prónay Salon

Perfectly suitable for elegant dinners with a smaller number of guests, cosy reunions and executive meetings.
Floor area: 61 m2
Capacity: max. 20 guests

Werbőczy Salon

In this hall with an open fireplace we can prepare a long dinner table for 26 guests. It is an elegant venue for friends, family and hunting reunions or executive meetings.

Floor area: 68 m2
Capacity: 26 guests

Ladies’ Salon and Library Room

The 30 m2 spaces serve as complementary halls for reunions, workshops and cosy conversations of smaller dimension, for around 5-8 guests.

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