The 6 suites and 25 modern hotel rooms of Prónay Castle represent classic elegance and finesse. During the complete renovation, antique furniture and sumptuous textiles were procured and placed in the suites, while the walls got decorated with the works of Hungarian painters of the 19-20th century. Our modern hotel rooms are characterized by minimal style, calming colours and high-quality mattresses which guarantee complete relaxation.

Hotel rooms

Classic elegance and simplicity are the main characteristics of the sophisticatedly furnished hotel rooms. Among the 25 rooms of our hotel, in addition to rooms with extra beds and connecting rooms, there are also family apartments and accessible rooms.


Pomp and historical elegance pervade our suites, which represents real added value for every guest night. The interiors, furnished with stylish 19th-century furniture and decorated with textiles, invite our guests to a cosy time travel while their stay.

Small Castle

The architectural specialty of the Small Castle is that its neo-baroque residential units are organized in a square shape around the closed inner courtyard (atrium). Prónay family used to live in this building, so in addition to the rooms, there was also a kitchen and a bathroom in the Small Castle. Similar to the original function, salon and dining room is found next to the hotel's 3 suites, which are furnished with authentic furnitures and serves the guests' comfort.


In addition to the castle's hotel rooms, we also recommend our rural guest houses with vintage atmosphere to those who like real village tourism. Guest houses are located within a 5-10 minute walk from the castle. The houses have fully equipped kitchens and rooms with bathrooms.