In addition to the castle's hotel rooms, we also recommend our rural guest houses with vintage atmosphere to those who like real village tourism. Guest houses are located within a 5-10 minute walk from the castle. The houses have fully equipped kitchens and rooms with bathrooms.

Church hill Cottage

The Church hill Cottage forms a special unit with the characteristic wheel well in the garden that lends a Mediterranean atmosphere; with the modern interior design and energy-conscious solar panels. The house awaits visitors with a spacious kitchen, 1 bedroom, separate bathroom and toilet. In addition to the relaxing environment, the thermal jade massage bed in the living room ensures complete relaxation.
This guest house is NOT dog friendly.

Capacity: 2 guests

    Alsópetény, Petőfi str. 161. 


Currant Cottage

In the guest house located next to the Prónay castle, two two-person apartments with a fully equipped kitchen and a separate bathroom for each apartment are available to guests.

Capacity: 4 guests in two apartments

Red currant apartment: 2 guests
Black currant apartment: 2 guests

It can also be rented separately for each apartment.

   Alsópetény, Kossuth srt. 30. 


Peer Tree Cottage

The Pear Tree Cottage is the revived version of a small, crumbling rural house. The house has three double rooms with a common large kitchen.

In the summer heat, from May until the end of September, the cool water of the pool provides refreshment. 

Capacity: 3 rooms; 6 guests + optional extra beds for 2 guests.

Only the whole house can be rented.

   Alsópetény, Béke str. 10. 


Sage Cottage

Two apartments can be found in the guesthouse. In the apartment for 5 guests, one room with three beds and one double room is available with a separate bathroom for each room, while in the apartment for 2 guests, a double room with a private bathroom awaits our visitors. A fully equipped kitchen also pertains to the apartment.

Capacity: 7 guests in two apartments

1. apartment: 2 rooms; 5 guests
2. apartment: 1 room; 2 guests

    Alsópetény, Béke str. 1.


Lavender Cottage

The Guest House consists of two separable parts, in each of which there are two double rooms with separate bathrooms, so a total of four rooms are available to the guests. A fully equipped kitchen awaits guests in both apartments.

Capacity: 8 guests in two apartments

1. apartments: 2 rooms; 4 guests 
2. apartments: 2 rooms; 4 guests

  Alsópetény, Béke str. 2.