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Castle Park

Castle Park

Castle Park

The park and the ornamental courtyard are available for holding a variety of events and receptions.

Typical events:

  • wedding ceremony,
  • reception,
  • family party,
  • garden party, 
  • cocktail party,
  • team building programme.

The castle garden and courtyard originally were of a more functional character, then as a result of a partly natural process and partly due to planting, they turned into a forest-like park of young, well-cared trees. In the past two decades the castle’s users and the current owners of the building complex strived to develop this area into a castle park which is in harmony with the buildings.


Since the forest-like grove goes in perfect harmony with the magical Nógrád landscape, the direct environment of the castle today appears in the eyes of the guests as a park which adapts to the character of the buildings and emphasizes their architectural values.

In front of the main entrance of the Grand Castle on a discoverable round area, an airy group of 15-20-year old spruce trees with their branches touching the ground are characteristic examples of the park construction. They separate the Grand Castle from the Small Castle, while the path winding between the two also creates a connection for the two buildings. Next to the Small Castle and behind the new Spa House the rests of the former kitchen garden and orchard can be found. These fruit trees allude to the functionality of the former farmyard and at the same time they represent the typical trees found in the village gardens of Nógrád. In most parts of the Castle Garden there are well-cared tree populations with an age of not more than 40-60 years. These trees in every aspect fit in with the character of the Nógrád woods and they create a similar, but more grove-like environment. The hiking paths under the Grand Castle go round the small pond and lead to further parts of the park while providing a pleasant walk for the park guests. So in its present form, the Alsópetény Castle Park represents principally the natural plants of the Nógrád landscape, and in the following times it remains a purpose to develop the environment above all with planting native trees.

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