Exclusive venues

Our exclusive rooms function as a perfect venue for various events. We offer solutions from small private gatherings to very large events of 100-150 people. The grand castle, the event hall, the section rooms and the wine cellar are equipped with everything you need, and our enthusiastic team is happy to help you with any additional requests that may arise.

Our event hall provides the most modern technical equipment for events, and the service area is connected to the hall which makes it possible to provide perfect service to our guests.

If required, we also undertake full-scale event organization (including: program image design, preparation of handouts, program management, photo/video documentation, transfer organization).

Size: 300 m2
Capacity: 150 people


  • acoustic enclosures
  • built-in projector and projection screen
  • built-in sound system, microphone
  • lighting technology
  • blackout curtain with remote control
  • flipchart boards
  • pulpit
  • mobile partition elements
  • wardrobe
  • direct terrace and garden connection
  • basic decoration elements
  • unlimited WIFI access

The Event Hall is suitable for:

  • conferences,
  • weddings,
  • classical music concerts,
  • other concerts,
  • theatre performances,
  • gastronomy events,
  • corporate events,
  • team building trainings,
  • product showcases,
  • other family and corporate events.

Prónay Salon

Perfectly suitable for:

  • elegant dinners of smaller dimension
  • cosy conversations
  • executive meetings.

Capacity: 20 guests
Floor area: 61 m2

Werbőczy Salon

In this hall with an open fireplace we can prepare a long dinner table for 26 guests.

Recommended for:

  • friends, family and hunting reunions
  • executive meetings

Capacity: 26 guests
Floor area: 68 m2

Ladies’ Salon

This hall can serve as a complementary space for:

  • conversations following meals
  • executive meetings

Capacity: 5-8 guests
Floor area: 30 m2

Mirror room

Recommended for:

  • trainings
  • workshops
  • for executive meetings

Capacity: 15 guests
Floor area: 50 m2

Balance Spa room

The Balance room is a real chameleon, which is perfect for holding a group yoga class, but it can also be rearranged for a lecture or workshop. The relaxing lava stone massage beds can also be found here. The glass wall, which runs along the entire side of the room facing the garden, provides an amazing view.

Capacity: 18 guests
Floor area: 80 m2

For outdoor teambuilding programmes and creative workshops, the community hall and garden of our Ribiszke Guesthouse and our Lavender Garden in the village are available.


The community hall of our Ribiszke Guesthouse

The vintage-style communal hall of our Ribiszke Vendégház is located next to the castle with a unique and intimate atmosphere, serves as a perfect spot for smaller gatherings.

The room is suitable for:

  • depending on the equipment, max. for 18 people (42 sqm);
  • locations for company meetings and discussions;
  • for smaller team buildings;
  • ideal venue for workshops;
  • for organizing friend and family gatherings and weddings.

The hall has a fully equipped kitchen, communal toilets, a projector, a projection screen, and a flipchart board is available for the guests.

Lavender Garden

The Lavender Garden in the village, consisting of 800 stems, is at a 10-minute walking distance from the castle. During the summer season, the Lavender Bar offers the products of the castle and the local craftsmen for the guests. The garden equipped with a comfortable cauldron place, with a capacity of 24 guests, is a pleasant venue for team building programmes.

Castle park

The park and the ornamental courtyard are available for holding a variety of events and receptions.

Typical events:

  • wedding ceremony,
  • reception,
  • family party,
  • garden party, 
  • cocktail party,
  • team building programme.